I have not updated the website for a while as the puppies have kept me busy showing and a few judging appointments in Scotland and South Wales has taken most of my spare time. But they have excelled in the show ring and I am very proud of them.

Here are their latest results :

Richmond Champ Show 8/9/19 they both had a 2nd in their minor puppy class.

Windsor Gundog 2/10/19 George and Crystal both won their any variety Gundog minor puppy classes.

East Anglian Gundog George was 1st in puppy and Crystal was 2nd. Then in AV MP Crystal won the class and George was 3rd

Rotherham Cocker Champ show 2/11/19 George was 1st in AOC PD and Crystal was 4th. in AOC PB.

Latest Show results for George & Crystal September/October